Picture this:

A Certified NLP Coach and Therapist shows you the steps you need to clear the damaging effects of Anxiety out of your life and teaches you how to remove self-doubt. You gain the ability to choose the thoughts you want to have and develop a limitless mindset. You feel better than you have in years, and it shows!  

The good news? You don’t have to just imagine it. I’ve put together this 14 Day Anxiety Away program for you to get traction on this journey by answering all of your questions about how and what you should actually be doing.

In todays modern, must-be-and-have-it-all, fast paced world, anxiety is rampant, and no wonder!

You have to be confident, in control of your thoughts, constantly productive, have a balanced diet, be a top-notch parent, a career, work on your relationship, work on your body, join 5am boot-camp or whatever workout-of-the-year happens to be on trend. There’s no way you can drop one of the many balls you’re juggling and not ‘have it all together’. You are exhausted, pressured and feel like a massive fraud!
The reality is that nobody wants to live that way and you maybe surprised by how many people do. Everyone’s doing the best they can, so why force your self to sit behind a facade of “I’m ok” while suffering in isolation? It’s time to change that.

No more worrying about what ‘could' happen. No more beating yourself up. No more overwhelm. No more panic attacks.  

The 14 Day Anxiety Away program will help you navigate new ways of thinking.

No matter how you are thinking and feeling right now.

Why do I squeeze all this into 14 days? The answer, full emersion and commitment to the process is key. Your brain is a fast learner so why spend 14 weeks, on what can be learnt in 14 days? Lets not waste anymore of your precious life MANAGING your anxiety. The purpose for this intensive program is for you to get relief QUICKLY!

This is not a magic pill.

These lessons are a combination of knowledge.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER after all, and tool sets that give you easy-to-implement actions that will serve you for years to come…IF  you commit to the process and do the work. Let’s take the guesswork out of what it takes to have a mindset that serves you to be your best (it’s easier than you think!)  

“I was unsure that the 2 week emersion would work but I LOVED it. I used the 14 Days as time invested in ‘me’ and jumped right in. I’ve spent years trying to rid my life of the big ‘A’ as Kat calls it…and felt I deserved to focus on this! I really enjoyed the flexibility. After the program, I’m more at ease, sleep better and feel better. Still quite amazed!”

Suzanne Baird, Perth W.A. 

Your Program Includes:

Day 1. What on EARTH is this ANXIETY and where is it coming from???
Day 2.  F.F and F! The three different responses to stress.
Day 3. The voice of self doubt tells FIBS!
Day 4. Fear and Flipping it!
Day 5. “I know what to do, so why aren’t I DOING IT?”
Day 6. Your UNCONSCIOUS MIND made you do it!
Day 7. Perception is a CIRCUS!
Day 8. Change your internal IMAGES.
Day 9. I feel a WAVE coming on… 
Day 10. Hey WORRY, give me a break!
Day 11. Good INTENTIONS.
Day 12. THINKING traps and MIND tricks.
Day 13. RE-TRAIN your brain!
Day 14. SHIFT happens!

"Kat knows her stuff, she knows how to teach in a fun, encouraging and supportive way. That’s a combination that works for me!”  

Nathan Finney, Brisbane QLD.

You will get:

  • Program

    The 14 Day Anxiety Away Program, accessed from your easy-to-use learning platform that works on all devices…your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

  • 24/7 access

    To login when it’s convenient for you, from anywhere in the world.

  • Daily Actionable PDFs

    The program is designed for daily actions and comes with downloadable PDFs to help you stay focused with ease.

  • Support

    Access to me, Kat, via email at anytime throughout your progress for any questions you may have.

  • Lifetime Access

    The program materials are yours to keep forever for individual use so you can review the gold nuggets at anytime.

How it works :

Upon registration you'll receive immediate access to the 14 day program. You can start the program and repeat the course as often as you'd like. 

Meet Kat

Your instructor

Katrina Watson is an Anxiety, Stress and The Inner Critic expert; teaching amazing people all over the world how to go from the chaos of Anxiety and Perfectionism, to Mindset of Mastery. In a world flooded with self-helpery, Kats’ skillset, straightforward approach to ‘therapy can be fun’ and determination to help people be free from limitations, make her programs get results! As a Registered NLP Master Therapist, NLP Trainer, Coach and consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist and online entrepreneur, cultivating a Mindset of freedom is her focus. The world needs more brilliant change-makers to be limitless.

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